Urbie Green Septet 10-inch album (Blue Note 1954)***, Urbie Green And His Band 10-inch album (Vanguard 1954)***, A Cool Yuletide 10-inch album (X 1954)***, East Coast Jazz/6 (Bethlehem 1955)****, Blues And Other Shades Of Green (ABC-Paramount 1956)****, Best Of The New Broadway Show Hits (RCA Victor 1957)***, All About Urbie Green (ABC-Paramount 1956)***, Let’s Face The Music And Dance (RCA Victor 1958)***, The Persuasive Trombone Of Urbie Green (Command 1960)***, The Persuasive Trombone Of Urbie Green Volume 2 (Command 1962)**, And His 6-Tet (Command 1963)**, 21 Trombones (Project 3 1968)****, 21 Trombones Volume 2 (Project 3 1968)***, Green Power (Project 3 1970)***, Bein’ Green (Project 3 1972)***, The Fox (CTI 1976)**, Senor Blues (CTI 1977)****, Live At Rick’s Café Americain (1978)**, The Message (Fresh Sound 1988)***, Sea Jam Blues 1995 recording (Chiaroscuro 1998)***.


21 TROMBONES – VOLUME I by Urbie Green

Songs Here’s That Rainy Day, The Look Of Love, What Now My Love, If He Walked Into My Life, Because Of You, You Only Live Twice, Stardust, Blue Again, Watch What Happens, Stars Fell On Alabama, Without A Song, Something You Got
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Bob Haggart, George Duvivier (bass), Bobby Rosengarden, Grady Tate (drums), Al Casamenti, Barry Galbraith, Bucky Pizzarelli, Tony Mottola (guitar), Phil Kraus (percussion, vibraphone), Bernie Leighton, Dick Hyman (piano, keyboards [clavinette, roxychord])
Alan Raph, Barry Maur, Bill Elton, Buddy Morrow, Charles Small, Chauncey Welsch, Eddie Bert, Harry Di Vito, J.J. Johnson, Jack Rains, Jimmy Cleveland, John Mesner, Jr., Kai Winding, Lou McGarity, Paul Faulise, Phil Giardina, Dick Hixson, Sonny Russo, Tommy Mitchell, Tony Studd, Wayne Andre, Will Bradley (trombones)
Project 3 Total Sound ‎– PR5014SD (US), 1967

21 TROMBONES – VOLUME II by Urbie Green

Songs I Get The Blues When It Rains, Timbre, Mood Indigo, Sunny, Just Dropped In, Blue Flame, The Party, Perdido, The Green Bee, I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues, How Come You Do Me Like You Do
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Bob Haggart, (arco bass), Grady Tate (drums), Tony Mottola (guitar), Phil Kraus (percussion), Bernie Leighton, Dick Hyman (piano, keyboards [clavinette, roxychord])
Alan Raph, Barry Maur, Bill Elton, Buddy Morrow, Charles Small, Chauncey Welsch, Eddie Bert, Harry Di Vito, J.J. Johnson, Jack Rains, Jimmy Cleveland, John Mesner, Jr., Kai Winding, Lou McGarity, Paul Faulise, Phil Giardina, Dick Hixson, Sonny Russo, Tommy Mitchell, Tony Studd, Wayne Andre, Will Bradley (trombones)
Project 3 Total Sound ‎– PR 5024SD (US), 1969

THE FOX by Urbie Green

Songs Another Star, Goodbye, Mertensia, You Don’t Know What Love Is, Manteca, Foxglove Suite, Please Send Me Someone To Love
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Joe Farrell (ss), Jeremy Steig (fl), Eric Gales (guitar), Fred Gripper or Mile Abene (piano), Barry Miles (synth), Mike Mainieri (vib), Anthony Jackson (elb), George Mraz (bass), James Madison or Andy Newmark (drum), Sue Evans, Nicky Marrero (percusion)
CD Album CTI 7070

BEIN’ GREEN by Urbie Green

Songs I Got Love, Bess You Is My Woman, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, Pathetique Sonata (Andante Cantabile), Bein’ Green, Brand New Key, Nobody’s Fool, Quadrabones, The Weenies, Ave Maria
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Jule Ruggiero (bass), Bill LaVorgna (drums), Tony Mottola (guitar), Dick Hyman (piano, organ)
Label: Project 3 Total Sound ‎– PR 5066 QD, Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Quadraphonic, Released: 1972


Songs Sing, Ana Luiza, Summertime, Alone Again Naturally, St. Louis Blues, A Very Precious Love, What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Richard Davis (bass), Grady Tate (drums), Tony Mottola (guitar), Arnie Lawrence, Danny Bank, Eddie Daniels, Frank Wess, George Young, Phil Bodner (saxophone), Buddy Morrow, Garnett Brown, Paul Falise, Sonny Russo, Wayne Andre (trombone), Bernie Glow, Bob McCoy, Markie Markowitz , Marvin Stamm, Mel Davis (trumpet)
Project 3 Total Sound ‎– PR5087SD (US), 1974

GREEN POWER by Urbie Green

Songs Spirit in the Dark, A Time for Love, Green Power, Easy Come, Easy Go, Comin’ Home Baby, Secret Love, This Is All I Ask, Sidewinder, Isn’t It Odd, Lumps
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Dick Hyman, Don Heitler (electric piano / organ), Vinnie Bell (guitar), Jule Ruggiero, Jay Leonhart, Russell George (fender bass), Grady Tate (drums), Marion Milam (trumpet), George Opalisky (soprano sax), Tony Mottola, Howie Collins (guitar)
Project 3 PR 5052 SD (US), 1971

AND THIS BAND (17-08-1954) by Urbie Green

Songs I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good, Lullaby of Birdland, Old Time Modern, Med’s Tune
Play by Ruby Braff (trumpet), Urbie Green (tb), Med Flory (alto sax), Frank Wess (tenor sax) (fl), Charles Thompson (piano), Freddie Green (guitar), Aaron Bell (bass), Bobby Donaldson (drum)
CD Album VANG 8010

EAST COAST JAZZ, VOL. 6 (12-01-1955) by Urbie Green

Songs Mutation, green dolphin street, how about you?, sassafras, sneaky Pete, just one of those things, love locked out, melody in B flat, three little words, when your lover has gone
Play by Doug Mettome (trumpet), Urbie Green (tb), Al Cohn (tenor sax), Danny Bank (bs), Jimmy Lyon (piano), Oscar Pettiford (bass), Jimmy Campbell or Osie Johnson (drum)
CD Album BETH 14

BLUES AND OTHER SHADES OF GREEN (12-10-1955) by Urbie Green

Songs Paradise, You Are Too Beautiful, Am I Blue?, It’s Too Late Now, Dirty Dan, Reminiscent Blues, Thou Swell, One For Dee, Warm Valley, Frankie and Johnny, Limehouse Blues
Play by Urbie Green (tb) (vib), Dave McKenna (piano), Jimmy Raney (guitar), Percy Heath (bass), Kenny Clarke (drum)
CD Album ABC 101

ALL ABOUT URBIE GREEN (31-07-1956) by Urbie Green

Songs Sleep, soft winds, with the wind and the rain in your hair, home, i ain^t got nobody, little John, Stella by starlight, cherokee, plain Bill from bluesville, springsville, ’round midnight
Play by John Carisi, Nick Travis, Joe Wilder (trumpet), Urbie Green, Jack Satterfield, Chaucey Welsh (tb), Bill Barber (tu), Ray Beckenstein, Hal McKusick (alto sax), Al Cohn (tenor sax), Sol Schlinger (bs), Dave McKenna (piano), Jack Lesberg (bass), Osie Johnson (drum)
CD Album ABC 137

LET’S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE (19-12-1957) by Urbie Green

Songs Please, the moon is low, baby won’t you please come home, it must be true, show me the way to go home, dinner for one please James, when you’re smiling, you’re my everything, love walked in, i won’t dance, that old gang of mine, …
Play by Bernie Glow, Doc Severinsen, Nick Travis (trumpet), Urbie Green, Billy Byers, Tom Mitchell (tb), Gene Quill, Hal McKusick (alto sax), Boomie Richman (tenor sax), Al Cohn (tenor sax), Hank Jones (piano), Milt Hinton (bass), George Wettling (drum) +others
CD Album RCA 1667

JIMMY MCHUGH IN HI-FI (05-05-1958) by Urbie Green

Songs Louella, i must have that man, cuban love song, rock-a-bye, i found myself a guy, diga diga doo, i feel a song coming on, medley
Play by Bernie Glow, Doc Severinsen, Nick Travis (trumpet), Urbie Green, Chauncey Welsh, Tom Mitchell (tb), Gene Quill, Hal McKusick (alto sax), Dick Hafer (tenor sax), Sol Schlinger (bs), Hank Jones (piano), Milt Hinton (bass), George Wettling (drum)
CD Album RCA 1741

BEST OF THE NEW BROADWAY SHOW (24-03-1959) by Urbie Green

Songs My girl is just enough woman for me, i know your kind, look who’s in love, lazy moon, you are too beautiful, i say hello, small world, love look away, just for once, love will find a way, you’ll never get away, i feel sorry for the girl
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Nat Pierce (piano), Barry Galbraith (guitar), Milt Hinton (bass), Don Lamond (drum)
CD Album RCA 1969 – Réédition : RCA 39873

SENOR BLUES (01-06-1977) by Urbie Green

Songs Capitain Marvel, you are so beautiful, Ysabel’s table dance, senor blues, i’m in you, i wish
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Fred Griffin (fhr), Tony Price (tu), Grover Washington, David Tofani, Frank Vicari, Kenny Berger (reed), David Matthews (elp), John Scofield (guitar), Harvie Swartz (bass), Jim Madison (drum), Sue Evans (percusion)
CD Album CTI 7079

SEA JAM BLUES (29-05-1995) by Urbie Green

Songs Sea jam blues, you’ve changed, giant steps, i thought about you, the song is you, the Bach suite, old folks, but not for me
Play by Urbie Green (tb), Chris Potter (alto sax) (ss), Jesse Green (piano), Paul Rostock (bass), Glenn Davis (drum)
CD Album CHIAROS 338

CASE FORTE (11-04-1980) by Helen Merrill

Songs Natural sounds, so many stars, how insensitive, like a lover, casa forte, too marvellous for words, Vera Cruz, Antonio’s song, close enough for love, wave
Play by helen merrill (vcl), bucky pizzarelli (guitar), george mraz (bass), grady tate (drum), rubens bassini (percusion) +strings or Urbie Green (tb), jim buffington, peter gordon, john clark (frh), sal nistico (sax), torrie zito (piano), francisco centano (elb), dom um romao (dr
CD Album INNER 1125 – Réédition : EMARCY 558 848

PARADE (01-03-1979) by Ron Carter

Songs Sometimes i feel like a motherless child, parade, a theme, tinderbox, G.J.T.,gypsy
Play by jon faddis, joe hepley, john frosk (trumpet), Urbie Green, tom malone (tb), jerry dodgion, frank wess (reeds), joe henderson (tenor sax), ron carter (piccolo-b), chick corea (piano), tony williams (drum)
CD Album MILEST 9088 – Réédition : OJC 1047

NIGHTWINGS (01-06-1977) by Stanley Turrentine

Songs If you don’t believe me, papa, nightwings, there’s music in the air, Joao, birdland, don’t give up on us
Play by randy brecker or jon faddis, lou soloff, earl gardner (trumpet), Urbie Green (tb), don butterflfield (tu), hubert laws (fl), stanley turrentine (tenor sax), paul griffin (keyb), eric gale (guitar), ron carter (bass), charles collins (drum), crusher bennett (percusion) +others
CD Album FANT 9534

STONE FLOWER (01-06-1970) by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Songs Tereza my love, children’s game, choro, Brazil, stone flower, amparo, andorinha, God and the devil in the land of the sun, Sabia
Play by Urbie Green (tb), joe farrell (ss), hubert laws (fl), harry lookofsky (vln), antonio carlos jobim (piano) (elp) (guitar) (voc), eumir deodato (guitar), ron carter (bass), joao palma (drum) (percusion)
CD Album CTI 6002 – Réédition : EPIC 45480

NIGHT SONG (01-02-1969) by Kenny Burrell

Songs Night song, love you madly, brother were are you?, teach me tonight, just a-sittin’ and a-rockin’, blues for Wes, namely you, night hawk, the shadow of your smile
Play by marvin stamm, bernie glow, joe shepley (trumpet), jimmy cleveland, wayne andre, Urbie Green, alan raph(tb), jerome richardson (fl), don butterfield (tu), warren bernhardt (piano), kenny burrell (guitar), ron carter (bass), donald mcdonald (drum), johnny pacheco (per)
CD Album VERVE 8751

SUMMERTIME (10-10-1968) by Paul Desmond

Songs Where is love, summertime, Emily, north by northeast, Olvidar, someday my prince will come, lady in cement, samba with some barbecue
Play by burt collins, marvin stamm (trumpet), Urbie Green, j. j. johnson, kai winding, bill watrous (tb), ray alonge, jimmy buffington (fhr), paul desmond (alto sax), mike manieri (vib), jay berliner (guitar), herbie hancock (piano), ron carter (bass), leo morris (drum) +perc
CD Album A&M 946

BLUES THE COMMON GROUND (15-12-1967) by Kenny Burrell

Songs The common ground, the preacher, angel eyes, burning spear, everydays, see see rider wonder why, every day, sausalito nights, soulful brothers, were you there
Play by ernie royal, thad jones, j. nottingham (trumpet), wayne andre, Urbie Green, jimmy cleveland, tony studd (tb), harvey phillips (tu), jerome richardson (reeds), herbie hancock (piano), kenny burrell (guitar), ron carter (bass), grady tate (drum), johnny pacheco (percusion)
CD Album VERVE 8746 – Réédition : VERVE 589 101

BEACH SAMBA (25-05-1967) by Astrud Gilberto

Songs Beach samba, a banda, oba oba, my foolish heart, misty roses, i had the craziest dream, the face i love, canoeiro, dia das rosas, nao bate o coracao, stay
Play by astrud giberto (vcl), ernie royal, marvin stamm (trumpet), Urbie Green (tb), ray along, jimmy buffington (flh), john barber (tu), seldon powell, huber laws (reeds), george devens (vib), toots thielemans (guitar), ron carter (bass), grady tate (drum) + others, strings
CD Album VERVE 8708

RAIN FOREST (16-05-1966) by Walter Wanderley

Songs Beach samba, beloved melancholy, summer samba, taste of sadness, call me, it’s easy to say goodbye, cried cried, cry out your sadness, song of the jet, the great love, rain, the girl from Ipanema
Play by Urbie Green (tb), john grimm (fl), walter wanderley (org), bucky pizzarelli (guitar) + orch.

CD Album VERVE 8658

DESADE (27-04-1966) by Lalo Schifrin

Songs Renaissance, beneath a weeping willow shade, Arie, blues for J. S. Bach, troubadour, the wig, bossa antique, old laces, marquis deSade, Versailles promenade
Play by ernie royal, clark terry, ernie royal (trumpet), Urbie Green, j.j. johnson (tb), don butterfield (tu), ray along, james buffington (flh), jerome richardson (tenor sax) (fl), lalo schifrin (piano), gene bertoncini (guitar), richard davis (bass), grady tate (drum) +strings
CD Album VERVE 8654 – Réédition : VERVE 537 751

DIRTY DOG (28-03-1966) by Kai Winding

Songs Dirty dog, sunrise, cantaloupe island, blindman blindman, something you got, the sidewinder
Play by kai winding, carl fontana, Urbie Green, bill watrous (tb), herbie hancock (piano), buzzy bavarian (guitar), bob cranshaw (bass), grady tate (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8661

SONNY (01-03-1966) by Sonny Stitt

Songs Duketation, t’ wanna, icy stone, pink gloves, let my peopel split, samba de Orfeo, liberian love song, handkerchief head, Stitt’s song
Play by joe newman, clark terry (trumpet), Urbie Green, j.j. johnson (tb), sonny stitt (alto sax) (tenor sax), eddie davis (tenor sax), george berg (bs),wild bill davis (org), junior mance or billy taylor (piano), les spann or barry galbraith (guitar), milt hinton (bass), walter perkins (drum) +(perc
CD Album ROUL 25339

WRAPPED TIGHT (01-03-1965) by Coleman Hawkins

Songs Wrapped tight, intermezzo, marcheta, and i still love her, Bean’s place, red roses for a blue lady, beautiful girl, she’s fit, out of nowhere, indian summer
Play by coleman hawkins (tenor sax), Urbie Green (tb), snook young (trumpet), barry harris (piano), buddy catlett (bass), eddie locke (drum)
CD Album IMP 87 – Réédition : GRP 1108

ROOM FOR ONE MORE (15-01-1965) by Irene Reid

Songs Why don’t you tell me so?, every time we say goodbye, save your love for me, more, they all say i’m the biggest fool, who can i turn to?, if ever i would leave you, when did you leave heaven, in the still of the night, i wonder where our love has gone
Play by irene reid (vcl), thad jones, joe newman, ernie royal (trumpet), j. cleveland, Urbie Green, j.j. johnson (tb), d. bank, charlie mariano, j. richardson, phil woods, jerry dodgion (reeds), roger kellaway (piano), kenny burrell (guitar), bob cranshaw (bass), grady tate (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8621

RAY BROWN / MILT JACKSON (04-01-1965) by Ray Brown

Songs Lines with a groove, for someone in love, dew and mud, just can’t fool myself, lazy theme, now hear me moaning, in a crowd, Monterey mist
Play by clark terry, snooky young, ernie royal (trumpet), tom mcintosh, Urbie Green, jimmy cleveland (tb), danny bank, jerome richardson, jimmy heath, phil woods (reeds), ray alonge (flh), milt jackson (vib), hank jones (piano), ray brown (bass), grady tate or al. heath (dr
CD Album VERVE 8615 – Réédition : VERVE 533 259

MOVIN’ WES (11-11-1964) by Wes Montgomery

Songs Cravan, people, movin’ Wes, moca flor, matchmaker matchmaker, senza fine, Theodora, in and out, born to be blue West coast blues
Play by ernie royal, snooky young, clark terry (trumpet), jimmy cleveland, Urbie Green, quentin jackson (tb), don butterfield (tu), jerome richardson (alto sax) (fl), bobby scott (piano), wes montgomery (guitar), bob cranshaw (bass), grady tate (drum), willie bobo (percusion)
CD Album VERVE 8610 – Réédition : VERVE 521 433

THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE (21-10-1964) by Astrud Gilberto

Songs Funny world, fly me to the moon, who can i turn to, day by day, o guazo, tristeza, the shadow of your smile, the gentle rain, non stop to Brazil, manha de carnaval, take me to Aruanda, the pawnbroker
Play by astrud gilberto (vcl), Urbie Green or bob brookmeyer or kai winding (tb) + claus ogerman or don sebesky orchestra
CD Album VERVE 8629 – Réédition : VERVE 557 184

NEW FANTASY (10-06-1964) by Lalo Schifrin

Songs Prelude, peanut vendor, bachianas brasileira no 5, new fantasy, slaughter on 10th avenue, the blues, sabre dance, el salon Mexico
Play by ernie royal, clark terry, snooky young (trumpet), jimmy cleveland, kai winding, j. j. johnson, Urbie Green (tb), bob northern (flh), don butterfield (tu), jerome richardson (tenor sax) (fl), lalo schifrin (piano), mundell lowe (guitar), george duvivier (bass), grady tate (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8601

GREAT SCOTT!! (20-05-1964) by Shirley Scott

Songs A shot in the dark, great Scott, the seventh dawn, hoe down, shadows of Paris, five o’clock whistle, the blues ain’t nothin’ but some pain, i’m getting sentimental over you, make someone happy
Play by shirley scott (org), bob cranshaw or george duvivier (bass), otis finch (drum), Urbie Green, quentin jackson, willie dennis (tb), jimmy nottingham, snooky young, joe wilder (trumpet), barry galbraith (guitar), osie johnson, willie rodriquez, jonny pacheco (percusion)
CD Album IMP 67

THE CAT (27-04-1964) by Jimmy Smith

Songs Joy house, the cat, basin street blues, the carpetbaggars, Chicago serenade, St Louis blues, Delon’s blues, blues in the night
Play by ernie royal, snooky young, thad jones, bernie glow (trumpet), jimmy cleveland, Urbie Green (tb), ray along, jimmy buffington (flh), don butterfield (tu), jimmy smith (org), kenny burrell (guitar), george duvivier (bass), grady tate (drum), phil kraus (percusion)
CD Album VERVE 8587 – Réédition : VERVE 810 046

ME AND THE BLUES (18-11-1963) by Joe Williams

Songs Workin’, soothe me, a woman, come one blues, hobo flats, every night, good morning heartache, rocks in my bed,early in the morning, i’m sticking to you baby, Kansas city
Play by joe williams (vcl), clark terry, thad jones, snooky young (trumpet), Urbie Green, quentin jackson (tb), phil woods (alto sax), jerome richardson, phil bodner (tenor sax), danny bank (bs), hank jones or bernie leighton (piano), kenny burrell (guitar), milt hinton (bass), sol gubin (dr
CD Album RCA 2879

BASIE LAND (04-10-1963) by Count Basie

Songs Doodle oodle, instant blues, yuriko, gymnastics, count me in, rable rouser, Sassy, big brother, Basie land, wanderlust
Play by snook young, sonny cohn, al aarons, fip ricard (trumpet), henry coker, benny powell, grover mitchell, Urbie Green (tb), m. royal, eric dixon, frank wess, frank foster, ch. fowlkes (sax), count basie (piano), freddie green (guitar), buddy catlett (bass), sonny payne (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8597

SEVERAL SHADES OF JADE (23-04-1963) by Cal Tjader

Songs China nights, the fakir, cherry blossom, Borneo, Tokyo blues, song of the yellow river, sahib, almond tree, hot saké
Play by ernie royal, clark terry (trumpet), Urbie Green (tb), bob northern (flh), don butterfield (tu), cal tjader (vib), lalo schifrin (piano), jimmy raney (guitar), george duvivier (bass), ed shaughnessy (drum) + woodwinds, perc
CD Album VERVE 8507 – Réédition : VERVE 537 083

LI ‘L OL’ GROOVEMAKER… BASIE! (21-04-1963) by Count Basie

Songs Nasty magnus, dum dum, Kansas city wrinkles, count’em, belly roll, boody rumlbe, li^l ol’ groovemaker, lullaby for Jolie, pleasingly plump
Play by snooky young, sonny cohn, al aarons, fip richard (trumpet), henry coker, benny powell, grover mitchell, Urbie Green (tb), m. royal, eric dixon, frank wess, frank foster, ch. folkes (sax), count basie (piano), freddie green (guitar), buddy catlett (bass), sonny payne (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8549

MORE HITS OF 50′S AND 60′S (08-04-1963) by Count Basie

Songs Come fly with me, hey jealous lover, in the wee small hours of the morning, this love of mine, south of the border, on the road to Mandalay, i’ll never smile again, only the lonely, saturday night, all of me, the second time around, i thought about you
Play by snooky young, sonny cohn, al aarons, fip richard (trumpet), henry coker, benny powell, grover mitchell, Urbie Green (tb), m. royal, eric dixon, frank wess, frank foster, ch. folkes (sax), count basie (piano), freddie green (guitar), buddy catlett (bass), sonny payne (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8563

HOBO FLATS (15-03-1963) by Jimmy Smith

Songs Walk right in, meditation, trouble in mind, blueberry hill, hobo flats, the preacher, i can’t stop lovin’ you
Play by ernie royal, joe newman, clark terry (trumpet), jimmy cleveland, Urbie Green, quentin jackson (tb), george dorsey, phil woods (alto sax), al cohn, zoot sims (tenor sax), jimmy smith (org), milt hinton or george duvivier (bass), jimmy johnson or bill rodriguez (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8544

J.J.’S BROADWAY (12-03-1963) by J.J. Johnson

Songs Nobody’s heart, who will buy, lovely, Mira, the sweetest sounds, small world, sleeping bee, put on a happy face, make someone happy, my favorite things, a second chance
Play by jay jay johnson, Urbie Green, lou mcgarity, tommy mitchell, paul faulise (tb), hank jones (piano), chuck israel or richard davis (bass), walter perkins (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8530

JUMP FOR JOY (04-02-1963) by Joe Williams

Songs The great city, just a sittin’ and a rockin’, i went out of my way, you perfect stranger, wrap your troubles in dreams, a good thing, my last affair, jump for joy, sounds of the night, it’s a wonderful world
Play by joe williams (vcl), clark terry, thad jones, snooky young (trumpet), Urbie Green, quentin jackson (tb), phil woods (alto sax), jerome richardson, phil bodner (tenor sax), danny bank (bs), hank jones or bernie leighton (piano), kenny burrell (guitar), milt hinton (bass), sol gubin (dr
CD Album RCA 2713

FULL NELSON (19-11-1962) by Oliver Nelson

Songs Full Nelson, skokoiaan, ballad for Benny, hoe down, miss fine, Majorca, Lila’s theme, Paris blues, cool, backwoods, what kind of fool am i?, you love but once
Play by snooky young, ernie royal, joe newman (trumpet), clark terry (flh), Urbie Green, jimmy cleveland, quentin jackson (tb), oliver nelson (alto sax) (tenor sax), phil woods (alto sax) (cl), stan webb (tenor sax), danny bank (bs), jim hall (guitar), milt hinton (bass), osie johnson (drum) + perc
CD Album VERVE 8508

LISTEN TO ART FARMER (10-08-1962) by Art Farmer

Songs My romance, rue prevail, rain check, street of dreams, sweetest sounds, fly me to the moon, Naima, Ruby
Play by art farmer (flh), snooky young, ernie royal, ray copeland, clark terry (trumpet), Urbie Green, jimmy cleveland (tb), bob nothern, jimmy buffington (flh), phil woods, danny banks (reeds), jim hall (guitar), george duvivier (bass), charlie persip (drum)+ others, (percusion)
CD Album MERCURY 20766 – Réédition : VERVE 537 747

BASHIN’ (26-03-1962) by Jimmy Smith

Songs Walk on the wild side, old man river, in a mellotone, step right up, bashin’, beggar for the blues, i’m an old cowhand
Play by ernie royal, joe newman, joe wilder (trumpet), jimmy cleveland, Urbie Green, britt woodman (tb), jerry dodgion, phil woods (alto sax), bob ashton, babe clark (tenor sax), george barrow (bs), jimmy smith (org), barry galbraith (guitar), george duvivier (bass), ed shaughnessy (drum)
CD Album VERVE 8474 – Réédition : VERVE 539 061

AFRO/AMERICAN SKETCHES (29-09-1961) by Oliver Nelson

Songs Message, there,’s a yearnin’, going up north, desillusioned, freedom dance, jungleaire
Play by oliver nelson (alto sax), eric dixon (tenor sax) (fl), ernie royal (trumpet), joe newman (trumpet), Urbie Green (tb), britt woodman (tb), melba liston (tb), julius watkins (flh), don butterfield (tu), art davis (bass), ed shaugnessy (drum), ray barretto (congas)
CD Album PRES 7225 – Réédition : OJC 1819

WHITE GARDENIA (14-07-1961) by Johnny Griffin

Songs Gloomy sunday, that old devil called love, white gardenia, god bless’ the child, detour ahead, good morning heartache, don’t explain, travelin’ light, no more, left alone
Play by clark terry, ernie royal, nat adderley (trumpet), jimmy cleveland, Urbie Green, paul faulice (tb), johnny griffin (tenor sax), ray alonge (flh), barry galbraith (guitar), barry harris (piano), ron carter (bass), ben riley (drum) +strings
CD Album RIV 387 – Réédition : OJC 1877

PERCUSSION KING (05-06-1961) by Gene Krupa

Songs American bolero, the galloping comedians, meadowland, espana cani, arab dance, valse triste, poet and peasant overture, sabre dance, march, ritual fire dance
Play by bernie glow, ernie royal, doc severinsen (trumpet), billy byers,jimmy. cleveland, Urbie Green, t. mitchell (tb), don butterfield (tu), t. mondello, j. sanfino, e. wasserman, r. penque, danny bank (sax), hank jones (piano), milt hinton (bass), gene krupa (drum) + perc
CD Album VERVE 8414 – Réédition : VERVE 8450

AND HIS ORCHESTRA (02-06-1961) by Manny Albam

Songs My blue heaven, stompin’ at the Savoy, Johnson rag, C jam blues, one o’clock jump, rose room, in a mellow tone, rio Rita, i’ve got a feelin’, i saw stars, breakin’ in a pair of shoes, should i?, at last, i married a angel, say it, you’re a sweetheart, ..
Play by bernie glow, clark terry, ernie royal (trumpet), Urbie Green, jimmy dahl, billy byers (tb), gene quill, phil woods (alto sax), danny banks frank socolow, sol schlinger (sax), jim hall (guitar), george duvivier (bass), don lamond (drum), manny albam (arr) +others
CD Album RCA 2432

PERCEPTIONS (22-05-1961) by Dizzy Gillespie

Songs The sword of Orion, jubelo, blue mist, fantasia, horn of plenty, ballade
Play by dizzy gillespie, ernie royal, bernie glow, nick travis (trumpet), Urbie Green, jimmy knepper (tb), jimmy buffington, john barrows, robert northern (flh), williams stanley (tu), leo wright (alto sax), lalo schifrin (piano), george duvivier (bass), charlie persip (drum) +perc
CD Album VERVE 8411 – Réédition : VERVE 537 748

SMOOTH AS THE WIND (27-12-1960) by Blue Mitchell

Songs Peace, for heaven’s sake, the nearness of you, strollin’, smooth as the wind, but beautiful, a blue time, the best things in life are free, for all we know, i’m a fool to want you
Play by blue mitchell, clark terry, burt collins (trumpet), britt woodman, julian priester or jimmy cleveland, Urbie Green (tb), willie ruff (flh), tommy flanagan (piano), tommy williams (bass), charlie persip or philly joe jones (drum) +strings
CD Album RIV 367 – Réédition : OJC 871

GENIUS+SOUL=JAZZ (26-12-1960) by Ray Charles

Songs Frome the heart, i’ve got news for you, Moanin’, let’s go, one mint julep, i’m gonna move to the outskirts of town, stompin’ room only, mister C, strike up the band, birth of the blues
Play by ray charles (org), clark terry, phil guilbeau, joe newman, thad jones (trumpet), frank wess, marshal royal (alto sax), frank foster, billy mitchell (tenor sax), Urbie Green, henry coker, al grey (tb), freddy green (guitar), eddy jones (bass), sonny payne (drum)
CD Album IMP 02 – Réédition : ABC 19503

GILLESPIANA (14-11-1960) by Dizzy Gillespie

Songs Prelude, blues, pan american, africana, toccata
Play by dizzy gillespie, clark terry, ernie royal, joe wilder (trumpet), Urbie Green, britt woodman (tb), julius watkins, gunther schuller, jimmy buffington (flh), don butterfield (tu), leo wright (alto sax), lalo schifrin (piano), art davis (bass), chuck lampkin (drum) + perc
CD Album VERVE 8394 – Réédition : VERVE 519 809

SON OF DRUM SUITE (24-08-1960) by Al Cohn

Songs son of a drum, brushmanship, Dr Skin and Mr Hide, five drums in four-four, drums loco, drum smoke
Play by nick travis, bernie glow, clark terry (trumpet), frank rehak, bob brookmeyer, Urbie Green (tb), zoot sims, gene quill, s. schlinger (sax), j. buffington (frh), hank jones (piano), mundell lowe (guitar), george duvivier (bass), louis hayes or jimmy cobb (drum), al cohn (arr
CD Album RCA 2312

MADISON TIME (16-03-1960) by Ray Bryant

Songs Madison time pt 1 & 2, your buddy, centerpiece, the hucklebuck, split it pt 1 & 2, hit it pt 1 & 2
Play by harry edison (trumpet), Urbie Green or benny morton or al grey (tb), buddy tate (tenor sax), ray bryant (piano), tommy bryant (bass), billy english or jimmy griffin or dave pochonet (drum)
CD Album COL 1476 – Réédition : COLLECT 5499

BIG NEW HERD AT THE MONTERY JAZZ (15-03-1960) by Woody Herman

Songs Four brother, like some blues man, skoobeedoobee, Monterey apple tree, skylark, Magpie
Play by woody herman (cl) (alto sax), al porcino, conte candoli, ray lin, frank huggins, bill chase (trumpet), Urbie Green, si zentner, bill smiley (tb), don lanphere, zoot sims, bill perkins, richie kamuca (tenor sax), victor feldman (piano), monty budwig (bass), mel lewis (drum)
CD Album ATL 1328

THE GREAT WIDE WORLD OF Q. JONES (04-12-1959) by Quincy Jones

Songs Lesper leaps in, Ghana, caravan, everybody’s blues, cherokee, air mail special, they say it’s wonderful, chant of the weed, i never has seen snow, eesom
Play by lee morgan, ernie royal, art farmer, nick travis (trumpet), julius watkins (frh), Urbie Green, frank rehak, jimmy cleveland (tb), phil woods, jerome richardson, budd johnson, sahib shihab (sax), patti brown (piano), les spann (guitar), buddie jones (bass), don lamond (dr
CD Album MERCURY 60221

(01-12-1958) by Joe Wilder

Songs Harbour lights, the boy next door, blue moon, guys and dolls, so peaceful in the country, greensleeves, lullaby, caravan, i hear music, blues for mothers
Play by joe wilder (trumpet), Urbie Green (tb),herbie mann (fl), phil bodner or jerry sanfino, jerome richardson (reeds), hank jones (piano), al casamenti (guitar), george duvivier (bass), don lamond or gus johnson (drum)
CD Album COL 1372

NEWPORT ’58 (05-07-1958) by Various

Songs Lover come back to me, back water blues, crazy love, backstage blues, Julie and Jake, all of me
Play by dinah washington (vcl), blue mitchell (trumpet), melba liston or Urbie Green (tb), harold ousley (tenor sax), sahib shihab (bs), wynton kelly (piano), paul west (bass), max roach (drum), terry gibbs, don elliott (vib)
CD Album EMARCY 36141

LADY IN SATIN (20-02-1958) by Billie Holiday

Songs I’m a fool to want you, for heaven’s sake, you don’t know what love is, i get along without you, for all we know, violets for your furs, you’ve changed, it’s easy to remember, but beautiful, glad to to be unhappy, i’ll be around, the end of a love affair
Play by Urbie Green, tom mitchell, j.j. johnson (tb), ed powell, tom parsley, phil bodner, romeo penquet (reeds), mal waldron (piano), janet spinney (vib), barry galbraith (guitar), milt hinton (bass), don lamond (drum), billie holiday (vcl) +strings, ray ellis (arr)
CD Album COL 8048

LAVERN BAKER SINGS BESSIE SMITH (27-01-1958) by Lavern Baker

Songs Gimme a pigfoot, baby doll, on revival day, money blues, i ain’t gonna play no second fiddle, back water blues, emptz bed blues, there’ll be a hot time, nobody knows you when you’re down and out, young woman blues, preaching the blues
Play by lavern baker (vcl), buck clayton (trumpet), vic dickenson or jimmy cleveland or Urbie Green (tb), paul quinichette (tenor sax), sahib shihab or jerome richardson (bs), nat pierce (piano), danny backer (guitar), wendell marshall (bass), joe marshall (drum)
CD Album ATL 1281 – Réédition : COLLECT 6415

SING ME A SWING SONG (12-07-1957) by Bobby Short

Songs Montevideo, how can you forget, don’t let it get you down, for no rhyme and reason, some fine day, it’s bad for me, ace in the hole, from now on, ebony rhapsody, wake up chillun, wake up, Lydia, i’m checking out, rocks in my bed, i got what it takes
Play by bobby short (piano) (vcl), bernie glow, nick travis, joe wilder (trumpet), Urbie Green, warren covington (tb), romeo penque (fl) (cl), danny bank (bs), barry galbraith (guitar), ismael ugarte or arnold fishkin (bass), sonny rivera or jimmy crawford (drum)
CD Album ATL 1285

SULTRY SERENADE (01-04-1957) by Herbie Mann

Songs Let me tell you, lazy bones, when the sun comes out, sultry serenade, one morning in may, little man you’ve had a busy day, professor, swing till the girls come home
Play by herbie mann (fl), Urbie Green (tb), jack ninitz (piano), joe puma (guitar), oscar pettiford (bass), charlie smith (drum)
CD Album RIV 234 – Réédition : OJC 927

BITS & PIECES (06-03-1957) by Kral Roy Cain Jackie

Songs Whisper not, i’m forever blowing bubbles, look around, stopping the clock, so you’ve had a change of heart, say cheese, Aura, darn that dream, walkin’
Play by jackie cain, roy kral (vcl) (piano), art farmer, clark terry, bernie glow (trumpet), jimmy cleveland, Urbie Green (tb), phil woods (alto sax), jerome richardson (bs) (fl), anthony ortega (tenor sax), milt hinton (bass), osie johnson (drum)
CD Album ABC 163